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GR plumbing company offers drain, sewer and specialty plumbing service in Silver Lake CA. For 15 years, we are the leading provider of reliable and efficient pipe restoration service throughout the city. We promise our customers to educate them on their plumbing issues and solve their problems within the given time-frame with the best technology and equipments available in the industry.

If you are facing sewer blockage, drainage leak or other issues with your property drain lines, call our service immediately at 310-409-4709. We use trenchless sewer relining technique in place of conventional sewer drain replacement. Unlike CIPP, this technique creates lining on the existing pipe and protects the structure, floor and landscape from future damages. When you call us, our plumbing expert will arrive at your door and evaluate any line issue, conduct a thorough inspection to come up with the best solution.

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Our technicians will use safe and multi-step approach to your sewer and drain problems. The trenchless sewer replacement process involves descaling calcite and removing any debris from the surface of the pipe. This is done using lining hydrojet or pneumatic tools. We will then restore the eroded or damaged pipes with a new one that is durable and efficient as well. The cleaning and detailing process is followed by installing the lines. The required amount of lining is determined and epoxy is poured into the liner. The curing follows later and the end result is a completely new pipe in the place of old. Best of all, these techniques will not invade your landscape or property in any way. Our trenchless method needs no excavation or structure change. The new pipe installed will increase the flow capacity due to its better finish. In addition, trenchless offers the required structural strength to the pipes. This means you don't have to worry about future damages at least for the next 50 years or more. Furthermore, the cost effectiveness of this technique is priceless compared to other methods of sewer line repair because these materials are not only affordable but manufactured in bulk.

So, if you are looking for a professional plumber in and around Silver Lake CA to solve your sewer and drain line issues, call GR Plumbing at 310-409-4709 right away! Contact us today for a free sewer camera inspection and we'll dispatch a courteous, caring team to investigate your situation and provide you the most economical repair available today, providing you the greatest value. Call GR Plumbing today 323-540-8992.

Unlike our competitors, our family owned and operated plumbing crews use nondestructive replacement methods that avoid costly repairs to all surface structures. Our technology expands the existing damaged lines and allow us to pull through piping of the same size or larger so when the job is done, you don’t see any reduction in your service. Other repair companies claiming to use trenchless processes simply pull through smaller pipe diameter, reducing flow from your home, workplace or apartment complex.