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Sewer Repair in Mt. Washington

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One of the most important parts of any water system in a home or business is the sewer. This important pipe removes waste water and can, unfortunately, become clogged or have something else go wrong. When this happens, the result can cause extensive damage if not taken care of promptly. We, at GR Plumbing, are proud to provide highly trained personnel who can efficiently make an inspection and determine what is causing the blockage.

Many different things can cause a sewer pipe to be damaged. Things such as tree roots, worn out pipe, storms, rust and so forth are common sources of sewer line backup. When this happens, the backup of sewer water can cause numerous problems. For a number of years this required digging up the old pipe and making a complete replacement.

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As a family owned business, with 15 years experience, we take a personal interest in our customer's sewer problems and are able to offer a trenchless method of replacing the entire pipe. This is done without any digging up the yard, parking lot or other location that will require repairs to the landscape.

Our trenchless sewer replacement involves CIPP (cured in place) pipe. Fitting a wide range of sizes, it is a seamless, jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe method of installation. Using special equipment, this involves inserting an epoxy resin-saturated fiberglass liner through the existing pipe and sealing it in place with heated air.

At GR Plumbing, we offer reasonable prices, free estimates and employees who are experts in the field. In addition, we are bonded, insured and licensed and are able to do a job that will not change the appearance of your premises. This means that shrubs, lawn, flowers, sidewalks or other features will not be disturbed.

Our main concern is customer satisfaction. When there is overflowing water, poor drainage or a bad odor, it is usually the sign of a sewer line obstruction. If you believe you may have a sewer pipe problem give us a call at 310-409-4709 and talk to one of our sewer specialists. We will be happy to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have. You will find that our trenchless sewer replacement is both the most economical and fastest way to go.