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Sewer problems can be a real headache and at times what is even more stressful than the problem with the sewer itself is the repair that it may need. Generally when a person thinks about a sewer repair they think about a huge trench being built around their house and workers working on their sewer for many days. You can be happy to know that GR plumbing offers trenchless sewer repair in Hollywood California. A sewer repair does not have to be something that is extremely time-consuming and it also does not have to be something that is going to take over a families yard. We can repair, clean, and replace a person sewer without having to build a big huge ugly trench around their home.

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We offer a video inspection of a person sewer line. This is a way that we can see through a video exactly what is going on with a person sewer line without having to create a big mess. We put a camera into the line and we can see the condition of a person sewer. With the trenchless excavation procedures that we use we can replace or repair a sewer with a little disturbance to a families yard. It does not matter if a person's sewer is broken or completely collapsed altogether. We have the ability to replace any families sewer line without having to dig a huge trench in their yard. The great thing is that it saves you and us a lot of time, and saving time always means saving money.

GR plumbing offers 24 hour sewer repair and replacement. If you or someone that you know needs to have a worry free sewer replacement than there is no time better than now to call us at GR plumbing our number is 310-409-4709. We have been in business for over 15 years and we are licensed and insured. We have a long list of very satisfied customers that have recommended us to friends and family. Call us today and let us add you to the list of our many clients that have been completely and totally happy with our work.