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Leaking or damaged sewer line problems is a messy situation in many ways, but no more when you call us, GR Plumbing, 310-409-4709. We are your best choice in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas for your sewer line service and repairs. We use state of the art trenchless technology, the least destructive and most efficient procedure available today.

Contact us today for a free sewer camera inspection and we'll dispatch a courteous, caring team to investigate your situation and provide you the most economical repair available today, providing you the greatest value. Call GR Plumbing today 323-540-8992. Unlike our competitors, our family owned and operated plumbing crews use nondestructive replacement methods that avoid costly repairs to all surface structures. Our technology expands the existing damaged lines and allow us to pull through piping of the same size or larger so when the job is done, you don’t see any reduction in your service. Other repair companies claiming to use trenchless processes simply pull through smaller pipe diameter, reducing flow from your home, workplace or apartment complex.

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GR Plumbing replaces your damaged and deteriorating sewer lines using advanced technology solutions without digging expensive, ugly trenches. GR Plumbing avoids the destruction of your yard, patios, fencing, driveway, foundations and other landscaping. We minimize the overall repair cost to you by avoiding all those added costs normally occurring during trenching operations. We eliminate the inconveniences, eyesores and time required to do the job. GR Plumbing has been providing our neighbors with the finest plumbing customer service and repair for the past 15 years. Even the smallest of sewer line leaks are quickly and worry free repaired by our licensed and insured professional team of plumbers. Got a problem, don’t fret. GR Plumbing, 323-899-4216. We’ll dispatch an expert team to provide you the quote or the repair support you deserve, and reassurance that GR Plumbing is the only choice that needs to be made. GR Plumbing, efficient, on time, on budget. Take the worry out of your sewer line repair / replacement. GR Plumbing, call us today