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One of the most unpleasant situations is having a sewer back up to either the bath tub or the toilet. Even worse is if the sewage backs up to the kitchen; this isn't common but nevertheless has happened before. Sewage pipes can also burst and corrode from normal wear and tear.

For these issues, and many more, it's great to know there's a name you can trust: GR Plumbing. A free estimate can be easily arranged by calling 323-899-4216. Their specialties are trenchless pipe replacement and repairs. They're local and know the California topography and the plumbing system in the region. The technician will arrive at the home and conduct a pre-inspection to assess the situation and identify problem areas. All this is part of the free estimate.

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A damaged or blocked sewer system can create unmentionable damage and cost an exorbitant monetary amount. That's why, to prevent damage to the foliage or to a home's landscaping, trenchless sewer repair is a viable, cost effective solution for pipe replacement.

A smelly odor, or the blockage of sewage can indicate a damaged pipe. The pipes may either need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the issue. The technicians at GR Plumbing will always communicate which is the best course of action and the reason why; good communication between customer and company is crucial. Unlike the competition, we don't just do something and not communicate. As the customer, your input is always valued.

For instance, the trenchless technique is about first using our state-of-the-art cameras to determine the problem at hand. Then once the issues have been identified, two small holes are dug at both ends of the damaged pipe. Through the access points a polyethylene pipe is placed while taking out the damaged pipe. This polyethylene pipe is made of flexible materials so it can easily bend and reach under ground. Damaged or destroyed yards are a thing of the past!

There are cases where just a spot repair is needed. BR plumbing's trained staff will only replace or repair the section of the sewer system that's damaged, minimizing any landscape damage. The job will be done quickly and effectively.

Professionalism and quality of workmanship always ensure complete customer satisfaction, each and every time. Contact GR plumbing at 323-899-4216 for the very best customer service experience and the most affordable rates!