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If there is one common problem facing homeowners today it has to deal with your sewer. And don't kid yourself about it happening to you, folks. Property owners have seen the results of a sewer line that has burst, and that ominous sign that real trouble is ahead; the tip-off being that backhoe parked in the front yard. However, in case you missed the memo, those days are long gone and a replacement has taken its place called "trenchless which is a "no dig" method of pipe repair putting the backhoe in your rearview mirror.

GR Plumbing, who have been in the plumbing business nearly two decades, are experts and would like to introduce you to the new "kid" in town - trenchless sewer line repair. Instead of ripping up your lawn, plants, and a small tree or two, your GR plumbing professionals will access the sewer line using state of the art equipment and locating small access holes in your yard. If no holes exist, GR Plumbing will dig two small holes and mark them in case you ever need this type of service in the future.

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Okay, about this time you're probably thinking: "How much is all this trenchless sewer repair going to cost?" Well, you might think it would be costly, but it's not. And the best part is there's no digging, no small backhoe parked in your front yard, and no reforming the ground with a bunch of trenches. Here are several of the advantages of trenchless sewer repair:

* It's quicker and more efficient. * No digging so you save your current landscaping from being destroyed. * No disabling your gas, electric, and water lines; meaning no extra costs. * Using the trenchless method, new pipes made of special materials are laid down insuring you'll have no return replacement headaches for a long time.

When a homeowner is not sure what the problem cause is, the experts at GR Plumbing uses a sewer camera inspection to locate and fix the problem without digging. Got sewer problems? GR Plumbing, your licensed and insured company in Eagle Rock has the know-how and experience which should count for something. Call them at: (310) 409-4709. It's better to know them and not need them, than the other way around.